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Aion 4.0 E3 Trailer: Beritra's Plot



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8:19 am, January 18, 2024

About Aion

8:05 am, July 2, 2014 Developer(s)Aion Team Development DeptPublisher(s)NA NA NCsoftEU GameforgeKOR South Korea NCsoftRU InnovaDistributor(s)PlayNC under NCsoft and Shanda (China)EngineC [..] View

Verification email not being received

1:36 am, August 24, 2017 I create an account last night, but have still not received a confirmation email. Can anyone actually help here, or is this one game I won't be able to play because the main website is bugged ? View

Omega drop removed from sds and orb?

10:18 am, July 25, 2017 I looked through the patch notes, and there were no mentions. I done like 11 Orb and Sds runs with no omega dropped at all. Before i would get one every 2 or 3 runs, so what happened? was it remove [..] View

New Luna treasure boxes

11:18 pm, July 22, 2017 Hey guys, is anyone able to actually do the new little treasure boxes in Luna? I mean the new tab, Daishunerk's Game of Fate. I am unable to click Roll Dice lol. :( I have a lot more than 3 Lunas, so [..] View

5.6 level difference penalty when archdaevas fight higher level monsters

10:18 am, July 22, 2017 With my testing so far, I can conclude that level difference penalty against higher level monsters have been relaxed by 2 levels when compared to game version 5.0-5.3. When an archdaeva is this many [..] View

Issues loading the game..

11:18 pm, July 12, 2017 I just installed yesterday and everything went smoothly. Tried running the game and crashes everytime before the game even loads. Getting aion client has stopped working. After googling for some old a [..] View

Beshmundir Temple in Israphel.

10:18 am, July 9, 2017 Asmodian-side. Anyone interested in running this with me on HM for a chance at the cool weapon skins off the final boss? I can't scrape up 5 other people who want to do anything other than EXP grind, [..] View

Question about PvP Bolster

11:18 pm, June 30, 2017 Hey all, I have a question about the PvP in this game. I know there is pvp in arenas and tournaments as well as the cross server battles and siege. My question is if PvP gear matters everywhere or jus [..] View

cannot login :(

11:18 pm, June 30, 2017 I can login into my account, but when I press acept, I don´t get into the server and the screen freezes and my chars doesn´t appear... Sometimes it works, sometimes don´ [..] View

New Gp and Rank system

10:18 am, June 16, 2017 Didn't see this posted yet. Since the latest patch most of my characters are higher ranked. Some have less GP than others but have a higher officer rank. Need some info on how the new rank system co [..] View

The Transformation level 75 are nuubs

11:18 pm, June 13, 2017 you spend 35 essence with trasformation for not **** nothing, trasformation are only good in resistance? last nite i used traformation fire vs a gladiator with no trasformation, he Attacked much more [..] View

Installer Taking Up Space on C Drive

10:18 am, June 4, 2017 I know this is a strange way to put this but: If I remove the installer from the install download directory will it harm AIONs operation? I really don't want that massive installer data hanging around [..] View

Old in game reward codes not showing up

10:18 am, June 2, 2017 As the title says. My old codes for different rewards and pets that i got off website giveaways are not showing up in account management. These should give me the pets i won across my account for ev [..] View

Sorcerer VS Songweaver

10:18 am, May 18, 2017 hi, i have a question. Why when Songweaver use Freestyle the mobs that atk the sorcerer can interrupt sleep Freestyle? Why when Sorcerer use Curse of Roots in Songweaver the mobs atk the Songweaver [..] View

Start game and then is disconnected

11:18 pm, May 17, 2017 Hi i have a problem, first i start normally the game when i made login.But entering in the game i'm disconnected automatically and the game is closed. what can i do to solve this problem? Thanks any [..] View

Weather Seal objects

11:18 pm, May 13, 2017 I noticed that the change to the gathering (1 extraction to collect 3 items) also affected the weather seal objects, but in a bad way... Now you can only tap them once and collect 1 item only. Trying [..] View

dark poeta final boss reflect skill

10:18 am, May 13, 2017 so, I'm playing songweaver, I'm currently lvl 49, i never played sw before and i'm still learning the class so my question is this, what do i do when a big scary dragon like tahabata (s rank in dark p [..] View

Gladiator using set with Magic Suppression

10:18 am, May 11, 2017 Gladiator using set with manastone Magic Suppression. which manastone my sorc can use to Receive low damage of class physical? is a good idea use set from ORB with ancient manastone PVP physical def [..] View

Chanter pvp damage

10:18 am, May 9, 2017 Hi, Any experienced chanters please post about essence/skills posts to maximize damage in pvp. I put many of my points into power and precision but was wondering if there are certain skills that one [..] View

Why am I doing so little damage?

11:18 pm, May 8, 2017 I haven't done any real pvp in a while, but while fighting a glad in the abyss, my hardest hitting skills as a SM were doing 300-400 crits. My MB is 5300 and I have level 80 (clean) pvp accessories. C [..] View

Hackers or Pro?

11:18 pm, May 4, 2017 Hi, How does one tell the difference between someone really skilled and someone who hacks (and may be skilled as well) You hear many people say "this character is a known hacker" etc and w [..] View

steel rake searching for group

10:18 am, May 4, 2017 Hi guys, I'm playing lvl 46 asmo songweaver on israphel and i really really want to run steel rake. I know you are going to say I don't have to and I can just do the solo one but its not as fun, i d [..] View

Boost Interpersonal Defense and Boost Interpersonal attack

11:18 pm, April 28, 2017 Boost Interpersonal Defense Activation Effect Reduces damage taken through PC attacks Boost Interpersonal Attack Activation Effect increases damage dealt to Pcs. Someone noticed a significant differen [..] View

Weird movement when using keyboard but when mouse is okay ??

10:18 am, April 21, 2017 I made a video for you to see for you to be able to see what my issue is. I am having a weird movement when using the keyboard while moving with the mouse is fine. My keyboard is 2 days old so it's n [..] View

why Updating Launcher today

11:18 pm, April 20, 2017 When I researched my internet and clike to open aion game appeared Updating Launcher ? today not is day of maintenance. ===================== Image of the weekhttp://imgur. [..] View

Can't Find Quests

11:18 pm, April 19, 2017 I recently have begun playing again and can't find any blue quests. According to some sites that have lists for the Asmodian side quests, I should have more quests in areas such as Beluslan and Morhei [..] View

Crit Spell and Spell Resist - Aion 5.3

10:18 am, April 19, 2017 Does anyone know how Crit Spell and Spell Resist works? There is a page with many information about crit strike here No much information about crit spell http:/ [..] View

Knowledge Cap ?

11:18 pm, April 18, 2017 Hello. Im just getting my new Lv 75 PvP gear and I wanted to socket with Knowledge +9 until a friend told me the Knowledge cap is 245. Is this true? Im Lv 74 right now so I have 45 essence points int [..] View

godstone and skill of silence not working in enemy

11:18 pm, April 12, 2017 sometimes my godstone or skill of silence work in enemy showing smoke of silence in the head, but enemy continue attacking i why????? the enemy is being Silenced but he continue attacking OMGGGGGGG [..] View

Leveling down

11:18 pm, April 12, 2017 Hi. I was going to take some quests with maximum level limitation, but accidently leveld up too fast, and became one level bigger than allowed to take those quests. How can I solve this problem? Does [..] View

Illusion Godstones being destroyed frequently

11:18 pm, April 12, 2017 is normal Illusion Godstones be detroyed frequently before Complete 1 month? im very active in game i play very in instances fissure of oblivion, always the alert of godstone being detroyed i am ins [..] View

Anyone on NA reach those stats already ?

11:18 pm, April 10, 2017 The channel of this guy here has plenty of videos of him wrecking destruction with Templar sin and glad. His glad has 2000 attack, 5000 acc and 16 [..] View

[5.3] Leveling Guide 1 - 65

11:18 pm, April 10, 2017 Hey Guys, I wanted to give a go at trying and leveling a chanter. Are there any current or fairly current guides based on the new patches that detail the most efficient way to go about this? Thanks View

New Palyer Help

11:18 pm, April 8, 2017 I just 66 recently and I have interest in PvP. I know it will take me about 5 weeks to get arena weapon. I just do not know if I should prioritize weapon/accessories over armor. Without PvP gear I was [..] View

returning player cant get back into the game :(

10:18 am, April 8, 2017 Hi guys, im sorry if this is a dumb question but i didn't play for ages and i just returned to the 5.3 update, which gave me the joyful E02018 error repeatedly for 3 days until i got annoyed and unin [..] View

New PVP Gear in 5.3

11:18 pm, April 7, 2017 I made a word document of gears that I want to get, as I am a new player, and these seem to be the easiest to get. I wanted to know if any of these gears still viable to be successful within PVPVE com [..] View

Able to use and your opinion.

11:18 pm, April 6, 2017 So, the Mythic Vasharti armor is labeled class but it does not say only songweaver can wear. So would my chanter be able to wear this gear if i transfered it over. I know it has lower physical defens [..] View

Aion nowadays in relation to up, quests...

11:18 pm, April 6, 2017 As upar after the campaign ends and you still have this lvl 68, as you do without spending money, the concept of a Free to Play game is lost, how to make Luna incessantly, or maybe Fissure, ta missing [..] View

Computer freezes when trying to start aion

11:18 pm, April 1, 2017 So here's the big problem I've been having. I go to play aion and get as far as clicking on play now. Almost every time after that it goes to the first screen (before the loading progress bar) and th [..] View

Server transfers

11:18 pm, March 30, 2017 Do these work anymore? I want to transfer my assassin but it simply tells me transfers aren't available. It's a really geared assassin too and since I'm transferring one character to the other server [..] View

Buff issue

11:18 pm, March 29, 2017 So hey guys my problem is with Berdin's lucky star.How can I remove it because I don't want additional exp. I tried by right clicking on the icon but It just says auto-recharge and no removable optio [..] View

Unable to release

10:18 am, March 29, 2017 Hello and greetings all, after trying for three days to log in and play due to the E02018 and E02015 bug, and using Cheesecakes fix to finally get in, when I die I am unable to release!!! To clarify, [..] View

Potential Issue With My Fix for March 22nd Bug

10:18 am, March 29, 2017 Hey, guys! If you downloaded my L10N file before Saturday ~9pm Eastern (gmt-4?), you downloaded an old L10N file (~January 6th L10N). It may cause some buggy gameplay, such as weird Chinese and Korean [..] View

can't remodel some items in new interface

10:18 am, March 28, 2017 so, an item i was able to use to remodel before, im now unable to use in the new window interface cause it states "your race can't use this item" and it just kinda glitches there with both i [..] View

Error E02015

10:18 pm, March 25, 2017 download aion update i get to stage three and i got this error i did the three work arounds and i get to though the install. But it goes into repair after and i get the same error. when i look at the [..] View


10:18 pm, March 23, 2017 so i've been reading a bunch of threads about how aion is pay to win and all that jazz. which perhaps it is to some regard like most mmos. but its by far the worst one out there. and i agree when peop [..] View

download issue

10:18 pm, March 23, 2017 I updated aion yesterday it stayed at 65% for 15-20mins so i uninstalled it and tried to re-install it but now it won't go pass stage 3 of the new download. :( at 95% on stage 3 it gives me an error [..] View

Error while installing Aion

10:18 pm, March 23, 2017 I wanted to start playing Aion again, and as I was downloading Aion an error occurred and could not finish downloading the game, anyone have an idea what might be wrong? It gets stuck on stage 3 with [..] View

Re-install problem

9:18 am, March 23, 2017 Hi Well how I can say this? I know that the game new downloads was removed from steam 1 year ago but the ppl that download it before still can play Through steam until now,Today 22/03/2017 steam upda [..] View

Sneeze Attack Campaign Quest

10:18 pm, March 22, 2017 The quest mentioned above need a fix. After the server maintenence of March 21 the quest get bugged. The NPC ERINOS asks for the PAGE 2, 3 and 4 of Beritra's Plan, and the target monster only drop t [..] View

Aion Error E02018

10:18 pm, March 22, 2017 If you're getting this error while downloading the game, please post here (with the details of the error, which file it's failing to download) and send me a PM (just in case I don't see the thread). T [..] View

Erro e02018

10:18 pm, March 22, 2017 Today I have been updating my game after the server update is finished and I am encountering an error. I talked to several friends and they are having the same error. Are you already having some conce [..] View

Intance entry boost pack

9:18 am, March 19, 2017 Hello, my instance entry boost pack doesn't seem to be working properly after 5.3 update cuz i have the same number of entries as i did before using the pack, can anyone help me plz and thank you in a [..] View


9:18 am, March 18, 2017 people who are kicked cannot get back into the seige /coalition if they get kicked a few minutes before the battle is over which is just retarded.. who's gonna want to do the siege or coalition if the [..] View

Where did trhe quests go?

9:18 am, March 16, 2017 When I logged in, there were no quest markers for Aetherion and Jotun graveyard. Why do these quests not show? Those were the two areas I ran the most. I'm a 71 weaver. If they keep removing **** and [..] View

Help! Aion is not opening

9:18 am, March 16, 2017 Hi friends, When I try to open up the game, it tells me "AION GameClient has stopped working" and closes the program. I've restarted my computer multiple times and the game is up to date [..] View

Help, the new actualization destroy my game

9:18 am, March 16, 2017 I have another problem now, the game run so slow, I can't move in any town, the game is locked for minutes and minutes, the actualization destroy my game. My PC 3gb ram, geforce 9500, 3.1 processo [..] View

Atreian Bestiary exp rewards

10:18 pm, March 15, 2017 Killls required: EXP reward hero 35: 6,175,000 95: 10,497,500 200: 18,525,000 380: 32,110,000 700: 56,192,500 normal 50: 4,750,000 135: 8,075,000 285: 14,250,000 545: 24,700,000 [..] View

NCSOFT Launcher Data Error E01005 & E03001

10:18 pm, March 3, 2017 I've started getting these errors since Wednesday. I've tried every solution I could find. I've tried NCsoft's solution of launching from a desktop shortcut. Doesn't wor [..] View

Can't log in in forums smoothly.

10:18 pm, February 23, 2017 When I try to log in forums I am getting this error I am using firefox I do clean my cookies and remove individual cookies, I even tried to use incognito browser mode but nothing. But I really try har [..] View

What class has the most fun and engaging playstyle?

10:18 pm, February 19, 2017 I'll end up leveling up every class since that's what I do in every MMO, but until then I need to pick ONE to focus on. I'm PVP oriented. I'm familiar with how class dominance in pvp can ebb and flow [..] View

Nothing happens after trying to log in

9:18 am, February 18, 2017 When I launch the game and the log in box pops up I enter my info and nothing happens. The box closes and that's it. I've tried experimenting with the correct and incrrect info. I even tried just typi [..] View

Magic Suppression 2017

10:18 pm, February 17, 2017 *Disclaimer* Everyone knows I'm a veteran so I get a lot of specific questions but I don't want to lead people wrong if the meta has changed or will change without me knowing, so I may start posting s [..] View

Arena of Tenacity / Arena of Gold rewards

9:18 am, February 16, 2017 STANDARD SERVER Eliminated in Round of 32: 10,000,000 XP 2,719 AP Eliminated in Round of 16: 20 000 000 XP (Potato,000 XP) 4,623 AP 1,000,000 Kinah Eliminated in Round of 8 (Quarter-finals): [..] View

5_C:/ Program Files (x86)/NCWest/bin32/AION.bin

9:18 am, February 16, 2017 Hello community ... I would like to inform you that I have a problem after the date update date 15/02/2017. After I knew how to download all the new patch, I could not start the truth anymore. I would [..] View

NCSoft Launcher System Error 3303

9:18 am, February 11, 2017 After doing the weekly update my launcher started showing an error (3303). I launch through Steam so I did a file verification for which I found some 1700 files missing. After Steam automatically inst [..] View

Cannot play after maintenance.

10:18 pm, February 8, 2017 Hello, After the maintenance today I'm unable to start Aion. When i start the launcher and click on "Play now", it starts to download a repair file of 2.8mb and it gets stuck there forever [..] View

I'm playing While downloading and i dont hear voice or music

9:18 am, February 7, 2017 Is this normal??? it is because the game still downloading thats why i dont hear voices and music?? I hope someone tell me whats wrong,so i could fix it or helping me ;) im so worrying hihi. By the [..] View

Old Fire Temple Instance

10:18 pm, February 5, 2017 Hey this is a random question, but I found a newish instance while leveling an alt toon. The Old Fire Temple popped up once I hit level 40. It has no location, but seems to be available. If anyone kno [..] View

Game crashing on startup

10:18 pm, February 3, 2017 I've read so many threads about updating and game crashing, etc. My problem is that I was playing the game earlier this morning, closed the game for an hour, tried to boot it back up and I get the cla [..] View

Magic Classes - Strike Resist Set

10:18 pm, February 2, 2017 I've been interested in building such a set but haven't come across someone who has built one and can speak to it's effectiveness. I was thinking for me, it's use primarily would be to avoid RNG knoc [..] View

Fallen Poeta Question

10:18 pm, February 2, 2017 I was having problem with fallen poeta boss. (66+ instance). In korean server, boss's "SHRIEK" buff [ makes the boss move faster when it encounters healers + eye thingy ] can be debuffed wi [..] View

Error Eo215

10:18 pm, February 1, 2017 Cant download patch getting the following error Eo215,cfim-hf-05-140 bin64\awesomiumprocess.exe i tried adding to exceptiosn list with norton but cant seem to add i find file ok but wont add.even t [..] View

Help! BLACK SCREEN after loading game.

9:18 am, January 30, 2017 Hi, ppl. 3 days ago, the AION game was functionally, but now it becomes a headache with this "Black Screen" after the game load 100%. So the "Agreement" picture and the select scre [..] View

Question about Alts

9:18 am, January 28, 2017 Hey everyone, I'm a returning player after about a two-year break and just started playing again with my fiancee. I have all my alts made but she's struggling with now after deciding on a main with ho [..] View


9:18 am, January 24, 2017 Before i start , i would like to x-refer to my previous thread , . As everyone knows , ID is buggy af , many people have been complaining on LFG , [..] View

Prestige pack

9:18 am, January 23, 2017 Hello. I wanted to buy the prestige pack, I bought a 1200NCcoin, when you try to activate prestige Pack asks me to pay, and not charge NCcoin from my account. Can I activate the prestige and charge co [..] View

1200Ncoin value boost pack question

10:18 pm, January 22, 2017 that item says it increases exp gain by 100%, and drops by 10% for 30 days. is this effect on-going in the background and does it stack with exp [..] View

Aion pvp is a failure here's why

9:18 am, January 19, 2017 First reason leveling,with the adding of essence to enhance characters this creates a even larger gap between gear and skills for everyone. Gear and enchanting,allowing gear to be +20 and higher if h [..] View

NCLaucher Module has stopped working

10:18 pm, January 17, 2017 Hey I've been searching all over the forums and the internet for months trying to get my game to work and it just isn't working. I log in and click the update button and it immediately pops up a 'NCL [..] View

IDL Glitched points

10:18 pm, January 14, 2017 so i watched my wife run IDL 4x yesterday and on 2 of the runs the artifact just stopped giveing points with both sides still in the instance. The 3rd run i went in and the other side leaves the insta [..] View

Sorcerer hated in Arena of Chaos

10:18 pm, January 13, 2017 Why all enemy want **** i ): im geared well dedicated but in arena of chaos the cloth is the Chicken =============================== IDL MEGA BUG with photos [..] View

Arena's,this is what you call pvp

9:18 am, January 13, 2017 No doubt ill get flamed but lols whatever. How in hell can you even consider calling this pvp,pve mobs, teaming players on 1 person that gank,player's that just stand there killing each other mindless [..] View

Hidden PvP attack/defense in level 65 PvE equipment

9:18 am, January 12, 2017 Source (in Russian): According to the above forum post, some level 65 PvE armor contains hidden PvP stats. The following is what they have found out:Armor Sets: [..] View

Disconnection issues

9:18 am, January 12, 2017 I noticed I'm being disconnected whenever I try to run a second client for Aion. I usually play on two accounts for both factions, so if I want to AFK with for a moment with my main account, it gets d [..] View

Downlading gets stuck

10:18 pm, January 9, 2017 Hello, I am having a problem. When i download the game from the launcher, the first step of 5.6gb, my downoading gets stuck at a point. Restarting the launcher, comp, giving admin privileges and maki [..] View

Done with Aion pvp

9:18 am, January 9, 2017 There is no skill involved while Godstones are in this game.Any game that allows these things to proc so much is seriously backwards in it's thinking of what constitute's skill. Pay to win gearing,co [..] View

Aion / BnS Launcher Updating and Installing issues

10:18 pm, January 8, 2017 I have tried to work around this but after hours and hours and days of frustration I am clueless to what to do. The launcher times out when installing or downloading the patches or any game that uses [..] View

Send Log Client Error After Update

9:18 am, January 7, 2017 Send Log Client Error After Update My aion is crashing instantly on start up. As soon as I press "play game" the aion logo will come up and crash instantly. I reinstalled aion 5 times alre [..] View

Have You Seen This NPC?

9:18 am, January 7, 2017 I am looking for a specific NPC named Rikanellie, so I can turn in the Growth quest Stop the Steel Rake. I have tried the 'find' feature and I get "unable to locate", and I have tried lookin [..] View

Error E02018 - Just need a missing file

10:18 pm, January 5, 2017 Can anyone help me and give the file name L10N\enu\data\cutscene\movie\mv_df4_tutorial_2.bik .z01 "mv_df4_tutorial_2.bik" I m stuck on Stage 3 Download at 99%. Can anyone send me the Fi [..] View


9:18 am, January 3, 2017 Arena of chaos today: 1) When will be be able to look up BR players stats online? 2) It seems like you have a full msupp set on AND full damage in your rat ear cost [..] View

Aion creating unnecessary trash of files?

10:18 pm, January 2, 2017 NO conspiracy normally.Such files are excluded by the Aion that created them as soon as they become unnecessary. However, they can stay permanently on hard disk? my doubt is, exist folder cache that a [..] View

Quest: Making the Daevonian Weapon

10:18 pm, January 2, 2017 I submitted this issue to Aion Support and they redirected me here: I am having trouble with a mission called Making the Daevonian Weapon. The mission says that I need to have all five pieces of the [..] View

PvP in Faction Base

10:18 pm, January 1, 2017 Why is it possible to enter the Base of the opposite faction (e.g. asmos entering Ariel's Sanctury in Iluma) and **** several players WITHOUT getting ****** buy any Guards ?? Why can people just walk [..] View

Buff Sorcs, Leather Slaughter

10:18 pm, December 31, 2016 Its ******* nearly impossible for a good sorcerer to beat a good ranger or sin. Let me add the AT stuns and **** and ******* ******** but seriously. Theres almost no way for a sorcerer to counter a si [..] View

Restoration windows 7 and files aion affected?

9:18 am, December 31, 2016 hi Today in my real life there was a lot of heavy rain and gale and several times energy drop. When I started windows it appears black screen informing that it is Recommended to the repair, i done t [..] View

Archdaeva passive pvp attack and defense buffs

10:18 pm, December 28, 2016 Anyone happen to know exactly(or even roughly) how much pvp def/att they give? Are they actually worth the 15/20 essence? Pretty annoying how it doesn't even tell you how much or that you can't view y [..] View

Kahrun Support/HP Set next best alternative

10:18 pm, December 28, 2016 Just wanted to know what is the next best thing to the Kahrun set for Chanter/Cleric, possibly similar stats where Healing Boost is concerned since Concentration isn't really found any more on recent [..] View

Best weapons for FoO ?

9:18 am, December 27, 2016 Ofc weapons that has attack speed is the best but do attack/magicboost/ma/acc matter ? if not can I use sword/shield or eternal orb weapons with attack speed for FoO ? I think the cost of mythic ac ju [..] View

Mounts in 5.1

10:18 pm, December 26, 2016 So I'm a returning player and I've got a Pagati from Kahrun symbols, but I wanna know if there are new mounts or where the old ones went? I made new characters and want to acquire a mount better tha [..] View

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